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Situational Judgment Test

ENCOUNTER Video Situational Testing Software v.1 goes live! ENCOUNTER is the result of nearly two years of research and development by one of the most highly-respected testing and assessment software publishers.

View Our Encounter Video!Watch the newly-released three minute ENCOUNTER Video highlighting the importance of measuring an applicant's all-important SOFT SKILLS. View the video and forward it to your friends.

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Biddle Consulting Group (BCG) is the organization who brought OPAC Testing Software, CritiCall Testing Software, & C4 for Contact Centers to market.

These applications were designed to measure the "can do" and now with ENCOUNTER, employers can also measure the "fit" aspect of their job applicants. View some sample video situational judgment scenarios


People encounter hundreds of situations at work every day. Some people will react appropriately and some will not. How can you be better equipped to know who will? ENCOUNTER is the answer!

ENCOUNTER can help you to know which applicants will make the most effective decisions in these areas:

Engaging Difficult People
Situational Judgment
Office Competence
Interpersonal Competence
Handling Conflict
Prioritizing Tasks

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Watch our 3-minute ENCOUNTER video. Or, view some sample video situational judgment scenarios

Coming soon... ENCOUNTER for Nursing. View a sample nursing video situational judgment vignette here!

Video Situational Judgment Testing
How Will They Respond?

An employee is given more than she can possibly do? How will she respond? Another believes that an employee took his personal property? How will he respond? A third is showing a new employee around and overhears unprofessional "water cooler" chat. How will she respond? Sign up today!
ENCOUNTER is Easy to Use

Preview some ENCOUNTER video vignettesENCOUNTER Video-based Situational Testing Software is easy to set up and use, economical, affordable and web-based. With prices as low as $12 per applicant, every organization can gain a better understanding of an applicant's soft skills before the time of hire.

ENCOUNTER situational judgment testing software is self-administering and self-scoring and can be administered from virtually any computer with internet access!

>>>> View some sample video situational judgment scenarios!

Watch our 3-minute ENCOUNTER video or sign up for your free trial today!

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Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., (BCG)
is a human resources consulting firm specializing in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) litigation support, Affirmative Action (AA), test validation and development, and cutting-edge software.

This narrow focus allows us to provide consulting services and software with a high level of competency and expertise that benefits our clients, our company, and the industry we serve.

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