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Video Situational Testing Software
Video Situational Testing Software

Learn to discern. Every day, real human beings encounter dozens of difficult situations. An effective team is made up of effective individuals who make effective choices. But how is one to know what a person will do? View some sample video situational judgment scenarios.

ENCOUNTER Video Situational Testing Software was designed by Industrial / Organizational Psychologists using real world scenarios that are likely to happen in your own work environment. ENCOUNTER Video Situational Testing Software gives organizations a picture of how an applicant is likely to respond. An applicant's responses are measured against responses deemed by office professionals -- just like you -- to be the most effective and least effective responses for a given situation. Try ENCOUNTER!

Hire a winner. Imagine having the foresight to discern between the winners and the whiners! Hiring a winner can make a good team even better. Hiring a whiner can upset the delicate chemistry that exists within your well-oiled machine! Anyone who has the responsibility of hiring a new employee understands both the importance of hiring the right person and the potential negative impact of hiring the wrong person! Stack the odds in your favor by using ENCOUNTER Video Situational Testing Software to measure an applicant's soft skills. Sign up for your free trial of ENCOUNTER Video Situational Testing Software today!

ENCOUNTER can help hiring managers assess the office suitability and interpersonal competence of applicants entering an office working environment. The ENCOUNTER Video-Based Assessment includes 26 videos designed to simulate the challenging interpersonal situations that commonly occur in today’s office environment. These videos are designed to measure the following four critical workplace competencies:

Interpersonal Competence: This broad competency includes several discreet soft skills and abilities, including primarily:

Listening and interpreting spoken communication.
Gathering information, analyzing, and solving complex interpersonal problems that occur while performing the job.
Applying appropriate and professional social skills while interacting with others.
Being adaptable in various situations by demonstrating personal flexibility, building consensus, and making concessions to achieve work-related goals.

Workflow management: The ability to organize and plan work load and responsibilities and coordinate various tasks to complete achieve work-related goals. Try ENCOUNTER Video Situational Judgment Testing today!

Teamwork: The ability to interact and work effectively with other employees, vendors, and customers who may be from varying socio-economic/ethnic, or other backgrounds.

Customer Service Skills: Effectively interacting with customers/clients by being helpful, polite, professional and friendly and applying a positive, willing attitude while addressing the needs or wants of the customer. Taking initiative to address needs of others with adequate follow-through and attention to relevant details. Ready to see it for yourself?

Try ENCOUNTER Video Situational Testing Software today or view some sample video situational judgment scenarios!

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